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Get Up to 12 Months of Guaranteed Rent

Limited time offer on investments made by November 30th.

Guarantee your rental income for up to 12 months. Invest using our unique hands-free experience

We’re so confident in our track record of finding, acquiring and managing income producing rental properties, that we’re putting our money on the line for you.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer today. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Schedule a call and register
  2. Buy a property and sign an Asset Management Agreement
  3. Receive guaranteed rent for up to 12 months until your property is leased*
  4. Rent Guarantee - Real Estate Investing

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* Terms and Conditions
  1. A limited power of attorney must be signed with Mynd Management between October 4, 2019 and November 30, 2019, and you must have a fully executed Purchase Agreement within 15 days of signing the LPOA.
  2. The offer is available in the following markets: Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Indianapolis, Raleigh, Houston, San Antonio, Las Vegas.
  3. The already tenanted properties are excluded.
  4. If the property is leased for less than the estimated rent determined by Mynd Management during closing, Mynd Management will guarantee the difference in the estimated rent and the actual rent stated in the lease (the "Leased Rent") for any month that the tenant pays the Leased Rent, up to 12 months from the Guarantee Start Date.
  5. The guarantee starts on the first full calendar month following 90 days from the closing date (the “Guarantee Start Date”).
  6. The guarantee period ends at the earlier of: (1) the lease commencement or (2) twelve months from the Guarantee Start Date.
  7. The guaranteed rent amount will be the estimated rent determined by Mynd Management during closing.
  8. The Investor must agree to perform the rehab recommended by Mynd Management and the estimated rehab funds must be received on or before the closing date.
  9. The property management agreement with RentVest or Mynd Management's choice of vendor must be signed on or before the closing date.
  10. The Investor must have selected the acquisition concierge service.
  11. All fees required to be paid under the Asset Selection Agreement must be paid on or before the closing date. These include the Asset Selection Fee, Estimate for Rehab, and Maintenance Reserve.
  12. The guarantee is only valid for properties approved by Mynd Management during the inspection contingency period in closing.
  13. Tenants that meet the property manager’s standard tenant screening guidelines must be accepted.
  14. The guarantee only applies to the underwritten rent amount. It does not cover loss of options or due diligence fees during closing.
  15. The guarantee only ensures that the contracted rent is equal or greater than Mynd's estimated rent at closing, it does not cover any loss of rental income that occurs as a result of early lease termination, eviction or maintenance concessions.
  16. The Leasing Fee is collected in the first month of the lease commencement date.
  17. The guarantee is non-transferable.
  18. Mynd Management may change or terminate this offer at any time.