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5 Companies Powering the Dallas Economy

There is a whole lot to love about the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With steady job growth and a bright future, many are seeing that this is a great area to work and live.

Employment in the Dallas Metroplex has shown continued growth across most sectors, and there are lots of large companies that are relocating and bringing jobs to the area. Here are just some of the many companies that power the workforce:

  1. CoreLogicOpening a regional headquarters in the Dallas area, CoreLogic will create 1,400 jobs.
  2. 7-ElevenMoving their headquarters to downtown Dallas, 7-Eleven will bring 1,300 jobs to the region.
  3. ToyotaRelocating from California, Toyota is moving their facility to Plano which will add 4,000 jobs to the Metroplex.
  4. FedExWith a move to Plano, FedEx’s headquarters brings 1,200 jobs to the region
  5. Liberty MutualOpening a campus in Plano, Liberty Mutual will add 5,00 jobs to the area.

There are also jobs to be found through universities in the area, the United States Postal Service, and the cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Plano. Furthermore there are many small and medium sized businesses that also employ numerous talented workers.

Many people will be moving from other states and parts of Texas to take advantage of the job growth in the region. This means many workers will be buying homes. There will also be large numbers of people looking for a place to rent until they get settled. This is great for the local economy in the area, as it means a larger demand for real estate and construction, and sustained growth into the future.

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