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8 Best Real Estate Investing Apps For 2019

Apps have transformed the way people conduct real estate investing as much as the internet has in general. With apps, entire devices like fax machines can be replaced, 3D models of rooms can be generated, calculations can be made in an instant, and home can be found, bought, and sold in an instant! Popular websites like Zillow create versions of their websites as apps to be more streamlined, but the real utility of apps lies in replacing many tools with one.  Here are just 8 of the best real estate investing apps for 2019!

What Does a Property Manager Do

Property Fixer

If you’re looking to flip anything from a short sale to a foreclosure, Property Fixer is for you. The app will help you calculate the profits you may make by accounting for factors like building materials and labor.The information is pulled from a database and provides an analysis report within seconds. The results will depend on how long the property is held, although it can also tell you how much a 30-year mortgage will cost. Using Property Fixer, property managers can track the expenses of their investment on a month-to-month basis. Hopefully future instalments of the app will account for back taxes as well as variations in how long it may take for contractors and business wholesalers to respond.


With Realtor.Com you can search for investment properties using a variety of metrics like price, type, and time spent on the market. Each property comes with interior and exterior phots, house details, and information on the locale. The listings, however, are based on their current market value as opposed to whether or not the property is undervalued, which is information that would be particularly useful for an investor.


If you don’t have a problem with buying or selling real estate online, then Auction.com is for you. Properties are sorted by date, location, and keyword. You can even see pending foreclosures and study bank-owned properties in great detail! The listings change quickly, however, so you have to act quickly! Although, given that you won’t be seeing the properties in person, you won’t really know what you’re getting into. 


ValueChek will tell you how much repairs cost based on the market in which the property is located and the square footage of your investment That’s a lot of time saved that you would otherwise have to spend doing agonizing research!


BiggerPockets is an indispensable resource for real estate investors. Their app comes packs with blog posts, podcasts, ebooks, guides, etc. It’s a resource that teach people to be better real estate investors and better home owners as well!


E-signatures are a real time saver because you don’t have to hunt down a printer or resort to a fax machine to transfer your paperwork. DocuSign, one of the most popular e-signature tools, lets you sign with any mobile device or computer. There are no limits on how many documents you can sign and you can both send and receive paperwork wherever you. All these options are free, although there are paid plans that let you use personalized brands, bill people, and much more.

Scanner Pro

Like DocuSign, Scanner Pro eliminates the need for technology, in this case scanners and, yet again, fax machines. It’s a tool that detects the border of whatever you’re photographing so that you only have the document to work with (and not its surroundings). Once the photo is on your phone it gets converted to a PDF and can be saved to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Scanner Pro is sophisticated enough that you can copy and paste text from the document!

Magic Plan App

Magic Plan App truly feels magical. Step into any room, start scanning with your phone, and immediately you can generate 3D models, save measurements, and create floor plans. You have access to over 1,000 objects to place and move around your 3D space. Then share your creations with anyone you like or save it to the cloud.

Bottom Line

With these apps at your disposal not only can you conduct your real estate investing from a well informed position, but you can also do it in an instant. The playing field has been leveled, and now investing in real estate and conducting business is accessible to more people than ever before!

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