Funding Options for Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

You don’t have to use a lump sum of cash or loans to purchase your income property. Nowadays, investors are using many different strategies to fund their real estate investments. In fact, you can fund your real estate portfolio using a 401K, SDIRA, or 1031 exchange.

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How to Use Your Solo 401K for Investing in Real Estate

Using a Solo 401K as a retirement vehicle has long been a choice of self employed business owners to grow their retirement nest egg for the future. While most commonly comprised of a variety of stocks and mutual funds, a little known secret is that you can actually fund your investment properties with a Solo 401K.

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Why You Should Use Your SDIRA for Investing in Real Estate

Like 401Ks, self-directed IRAs are great way to save for retirement and build wealth for the future. Although it isn’t common knowledge, you can actually purchase an income property within your SDIRA. A few extra steps are required, compared to a standard purchase, but the payoff is a tangible asset that generates cash flow for retirement.

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1031 Exchange for Seasoned Investors

Often used as a means to defer taxes, 1031 Exchange is a great strategy to facilitate significant portfolio growth and increase returns on your income properties. While there are some stipulations about timelines and types of real estate, this is a smart choice for investors looking to grow their real estate investment portfolio, tax-deferred.

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