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Asset Management: Property Management for the Passive Investor

When you invest in residential real estate rentals, the acquisition process is only the beginning. Once you’ve secured a viable property, your cash flow depends upon acquiring tenants, keeping them happy, and their rent payments flowing. While there are traditional ways of achieving this— the practice of property management, for instance— there’s a more efficient approach that does it even better: asset management. Below we detail how HomeUnion®’s asset management process ensures investors have a more financially rewarding investing experience.

But first, let’s compare your two options: asset management and property management, to see what each has to offer. Doing so will help determine which approach is best for you.


Traditional Property Management

Property Management is the traditional approach to assisting investors in all of their landlord responsibilities. Basically, it worked by authorizing a third-party to run the day-to-day operations of an investor’s residential real estate investment.

However, while this model has served as a useful tool in the past, advances in technology—specifically the science of analytics— have raised the need for a more sophisticated approach. More specifically, what was needed was an upgrade to enhance revenue streams and provide more support— so we created one: HomeUnion®’s Asset Management.

HomeUnion®’s Asset Management maximizes technology in a revolutionary way. By leveraging state-of-the-art systems, our approach allows investors to market their properties to a mass audience and strategically increase rents… and that’s just the beginning. Think of this new model as a partnership between cutting-edge analytics, the HomeUnion® experts, and you, the investor.


Securing Your Investments Future

What’s clear is how HomeUnion®’s Asset Management platform gives you more compared to other property management. So don’t simply invest in residential real estate rentals; instead, enhance your experience with HomeUnion®’s hands-free Asset Management, by calling 888-276-0232 or scheduling a consultation today.

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