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Austin Welcomes More Technology Companies

austinAustin is quickly gaining popularity for its vibrant culture, music, arts, and entertainment, but Austin is also quickly becoming an industry leader for technology.

Several major tech companies have a large presence in the Austin area including IBM, RackSpace, Oracle, and VMware, and most recently ClearData Networks.

Cleardata Networks will be moving their headquarters from Arizona to Austin and generating 80 new jobs in the region.  Texas offers favorable tax laws for businesses, and many major companies are moving their headquarters to the Austin area, which is in turn increasing the demand for qualified workers.

For real estate investors considering Austin, this is a great time to purchase real estate.  Metros like Austin are creating high paying, skilled jobs and rental housing is needed to keep pace with a growing workforce. To start searching for an investment property in Austin, register on HomeUnion® for a free account.

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