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Real Estate Investment in Belmont, CA

Why Invest in Belmont, CA Real Estate?

Belmont is a good option for real estate investors to own single-family homes. Boasting charming natural sceneries, beautiful parks, a well-developed infrastructure, and a top-notch dining scene, Belmont is also renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere, cultural diversity, proximity to the Pacific Ocean, San Jose, and San Francisco, as well as quality public schools.

Located in San Mateo County, thus right in the San Francisco Bay Area, Belmont is home to more than 27,000 residents. Its economy has been steadily developing over the recent years, supported by industries like IT, professional, scientific, and tech services, and manufacturing. The economic growth leads to new jobs being created, along with an influx of tenants and active homebuyers.

Because of its strong job market, great infrastructure, and a plethora of leisure ops, Belmont is a smart call for real estate investors.

Investment Considerations for Belmont Real Estate

There are a number of factors to consider, including:

  • Job Market Growth- With industries including Information Technology, professional services, and manufacturing having their companies headquartered in the city, Belmont is a sought-after place for skilled professionals. RingCentral and SunEdison are just a couple of firms based in Belmont, that are creating new jobs and continuously attracting revenue. As a result, the median annual income of $120,169 indicates inhabitants' wealth. Moreover, the area's job market has increased by 3.8% in 2017 and is expected to rise to 44.7% over the next decade. Plus, while the national average unemployment rate is 5.2%, Belmont's 2.9% is significantly lower. Hence, both tenants and buyers are drawn to the area, which means that real estate investors can enjoy a positive cash flow likelihood.
  • High Rental Demand- Belmont is a quiet, peaceful place with one of the best school districts in the Peninsula. Central Elementary School, Nesbit Elementary School, Cipriani Elementary School, and Fox Elementary School are just some of the top-notch public schools in the city. The area's laid-back vibe and access to great educational facilities are appealing to both families with children and retired citizens, which keeps the rental demand high. Currently, 40% of the Belmont's units are renter-occupied and the vacancy rate is 4%. For real estate investors, this translates into a wonderful chance to find numerous tenants for their rental properties.
  • Increasing Rent Prices - As the rental demand and job market rise, so does the rent prices. For example, in 2017, rent prices for single-family homes have increased by 3.85%. This translates to nice and consistently-growing profits for real estate investors
  • High Appreciation - The median home values in Belmont have gone up by 14.1% in 2017 and is predicted that they'll rise 9% in 2018. Thus, real estate investors can purchase properties, hold and rent them, and sell them later on when their value increases. This will generate high returns on the initial investments.

What are the best neighborhoods to invest in Belmont?

  • Neighborhoods like Cipriani, Downtown (Central), and Sterling Downs are among the best for real estate investing. Thanks to their safety and state-of-the-art schools, those searching for a place to live in the city are mostly attracted by these areas. Altogether, despite of its highly-priced real estate market, Belmont is a place that offers a broad range of opportunities for investors in single-family homes who look for year-round incomes and continuously-increasing profits.


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