A Best Kept Investing Secret: Pittsburgh Cash Flow Zone

Best Kept Secret: Pittsburgh Cash Flow Zone

Pittsburgh SkylineIf you are looking into buying properties in a cash flow zone that has a combination of American’s Best Housing Markets and American’s Most Livable Cities, Pittsburgh is your choice. Recent article from Forbes magazine ranked Pittsburgh high on: Good income growth, employment prospects, low crime safety ranking, affordable living and excellent Arts & Leisure characteristics.The Economist also gave Pittsburgh No. 1 rating as the nation’s most livable city based on its surveys.

The city has gone thru its own psychological rejuvenation to the extent all its past retired steel mills have been converted to modern Arts Centers. Interestingly Pittsburgh economy did not suffer to the extent the rest of the nation has struggled.The city’s strong universities with a dozen other good colleges or campuses lift its educational atmosphere. Recognizing the city’s strong multi-media culture, Google recently decided to test its high speed broadband network in its Pittsburgh offices.

A City on an Upswing

Forbes calls the change in Pittsburgh a “Rust Belt Renaissance”.Wall St. Journal recently quoted that Pittsburgh has transformed itself from a Steel city to a “Steal City” in all its characteristics.The city has received immense publicity thru various articles in New York Times in the recent past.

Its new vibrant economy, the city’s population growth matches prospects for employment and inexpensive living With its good price range for cash flow homes and growing rental market.

HomeUnion®’s fully managed cash flow property providers are managing more than 600 properties in Pittsburgh with an average rent potential in the range $750-$850.

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