Case Study - Andrew Bacon - Real Estate Investor

Case Study – Andrew Bacon


As a Generation Xer, Mr. Andrew Bacon has unfortunately watched his portfolio suffer through multiple financial crises and stock market fluctuations; he’s lost between 20% to 30% within the last 25 years. “I have been treading water, and my retirement account is half at what it should be at my age,” said Bacon.

With retirement less than twenty years away, Bacon was highly motivated to increase his rate of return on his retirement account by looking for a solution that would generate enough income, build his portfolio and allow him to diversify from the stock market. He discovered that real estate investing would do just that and more, but ran into two very big challenges:

1. Time – Being a founder and CEO of his own digital marketing company, Northern Pacific Digital, left very little time for him to learn every aspect of the real estate space.

2. Money – Concerned about paying the monthly mortgage on his current home in Tacoma, he wanted to buy the rental property outright, but didn’t have the cash readily available.


“When I spoke to a HomeUnion® Solutions Manager, they introduced me to a partnering self-directed IRA (SDIRA) company who handled selling some of my stock and placing the proceeds in a SDIRA. I was able to generate enough money to buy my rental property in all-cash, exactly how I wanted to, debt-free. And by having the investments in a retirement account, I also get all the worthwhile tax benefits,” Bacon notes.

“Before HomeUnion®, my portfolio had been treading in value with 2.5% in dividend payouts through my SDIRA, now my rental property is getting me back roughly 4.5 times as much before expenses and repairs. And all the work is already done. I’ve offloaded all the responsibilities to HomeUnion®’s detailed and knowledgeable team, and they’ve executed the whole process remarkably.”

“It felt like an online real estate transaction – I picked my rental off the shelf, HomeUnion® rang it up, and, after doing all the work, handed me a cash flow-investment that is building my retirement portfolio back to where it should be.”

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