HomeUnion Case Study - Eryvett Gonzalez

Case Study – Eryvett Gonzalez

GonzalezEryvett Gonzalez knows people. After spending 21 years in human resources at Procter & Gamble, she’s adept at identifying folks who are honest, resourceful and dependable.

When not in the office, Ms. Gonzalez’s favorite activities include tennis and reading—but her passion for travel tops the list. As she describes it, “I love to be on the go, and the more exotic the destination, the better.” Her wanderlust is the driving force behind her commitment to building a diversified portfolio—and includes smart real estate investments.

As a prospective real estate owner, Ms. Gonzalez didn’t relish the idea of being a hands-on landlord. “I dreaded middle-of-the-night conversations with tenants about broken air conditioners and dishwashers.” A resident of Mexico, she was also overwhelmed by the thought of finding, purchasing and managing long-distance properties.


With adventure in distant lands calling her, Ms. Gonzalez contacted a HomeUnion® expert. Her finely-tuned people skills immediately kicked in. She confides, “From my first conversation with a HomeUnion® Solutions Manager, I knew that I was in capable, caring hands.”

To her delight, Ms. Gonzalez learned that HomeUnion® takes care of the many tedious details of real estate investing, including day-to-day property management. She notes, “There’s a lot of different real estate information out there but the data analysis HomeUnion® offers was critical in helping me identify great properties to buy.”

Ms. Gonzalez highly recommends HomeUnion® to fellow real estate investors, telling them “The whole process was so streamlined… all I did was write the check.”

That, and “‘Bon Voyage!’”

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