A Real Estate Success Story. How To Apply It For $ Gains

Case Study – Joseph Rodriguez


As a current Security Operations Analyst and previous Database Engineer, Joseph Rodriguez has a vast understanding of programming, data mining, and quantitative methods for information systems. But as a father of four, he struggled to figure out how he could best generate supplementary income that would allow him to spend more time with his family instead of the office.

Help came in the form of a friend – a Navy veteran turned successful investor with over 12 buy-and-hold properties gave him the advice to start investing in real estate. Rodriguez promptly looked into buying rental properties nearby, but quickly realized that the soaring home prices in San Diego and lack of real estate investing experience would be challenging, even for an engineer with his skill level.


His friend understood his hesitations and pointed him in the direction of HomeUnion®, an end-to-end real estate investment firm. Rodriguez notes, “HomeUnion®’s big data-based model and analytics were the reasons I decided to invest in a single-family rental with their experienced team.”

“With my rigorous background in algorithms and data science, I was impressed by HomeUnion®’s analytical approach to limiting risk for my investments.” He continues, “It’s like nothing I’ve seen in the real estate industry before, and it worked! I’m receiving monthly cash flow from my investment, only a few months after purchase, which is incredible.”

“I’ve had such a positive experience with HomeUnion® that I’m currently saving my rental’s monthly cash flow to re-invest in additional single-family homes. Investing with HomeUnion® has enabled me to start my real estate investing journey on the right foot without taking away quality time from my wife and kids.”

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