HomeUnion Case Study – Manish Sundrani

Case Study – Manish Sundrani

Manish Sundrani

As a busy financial executive, Manish Sundrani puts his experience and expertise to work for his clients on a daily basis, making smart decisions for their greatest benefit.

Mr. Sundrani kicked off his career in 2007 as a commodity trader. Then, in 2009, he made a decision he wouldn’t trade for anything.

The nearby military base in El Paso had recently been expanded, driving up the demand for rental properties. Recognizing the opportunity presented by the ripe market conditions, Mr. Sundrani invested in a condominium as a rental property. As the positive revenue stream generated by the property began to flow, he soon invested in an additional condominium.

Mr. Sundrani notes, “My goal with real estate is to plan for retirement and generate income to reinvest and acquire more. “

However, along with the financial perks of owning rental properties came frustration. He remembers, “It was difficult because managing rentals while trying to purchase additional properties was time-consuming and often tricky. Often, bidding wars would increase the home prices in El Paso.”

Mr. Sundrani decided to look further afield for properties that best matched his investment goals, even considering multi-family investments. This strategy, while savvy, introduced a new set of challenges.

“Investing beyond the familiar boundaries of El Paso was outside of my comfort zone,” states Mr. Sundrani. “On top of that, being far away from an investment property means finding a good property management team to oversee the day-to-day rental responsibilities.”


One day, Mr. Sundrani was tuned into Diana Olick’s segment on CNBC and learned about HomeUnion®.

His interest was piqued by HomeUnion®’s end-to-end platform, which offers investors one point of contact throughout the entire investing process. As a HomeUnion® client, Mr. Sundrani was able to simply log in for all of the necessary accounting documents, legal forms, and other important financials.

Mr. Sundrani contrasts his “before and after HomeUnion®” investing process: “Working with HomeUnion® is completely different from my prior real estate investing experience where I would have to track down people, make multiple calls, and couldn’t move forward with the process of buying a rental if, say, lending was slow to respond. I was able to continue looking for investments in my hometown, while HomeUnion® diversified my portfolio by identifying, acquiring, and managing rentals in other growing markets.”

Offering some of his best financial advice to date, he states, “I would recommend HomeUnion® for the busy executive who doesn’t have time to personally handle all the details. HomeUnion® frees up your time so you can reinvest and build your portfolio locally.”

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