Real Estate Investment in Cincinnati, OH

Why Invest in Cincinnati Real Estate?

Strong additions to payrolls – particularly in low-paying sectors – supports a steady renter demand for Cincinnati properties this year. This demand is further complemented by favorable home prices. In the third quarter of last year, for instance, the median investment home price was at a very affordable $69,900. Prices such as these lend themselves to investors being able to scoop up multiple properties and build a large portfolio.

There’s even more good news: Cincinnati’s metro area is among the fastest growing in Ohio and the entire Midwest and its current unemployment rate is also the lowest it’s been in over ten years. As for the city’s future outlook, a healthy 16% increase in total job growth is projected from its business/professional services, leisure/hospitality, and transportation sectors alone. All of these factors add up to making Cincinnati a favorable city for real estate investments.


Market Highlights

  • General Electric will create 2,000 jobs (including relocations) at its downtown area operations center in 2017
  • Strong transportation network and presence of international businesses (
  • Low cost of doing business, since they have low taxes compared to other Midwest cities, which lends itself to business development (
  • The University of Cincinnati enrolls 45,000 students from all 50 of the United States and 100 other countries, annually (


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