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Confident Real Estate Investing Just Got Easier


What are your investment goals? Are you investing for retirement? For your children’s college tuition? To supplement your current income? Whatever your investment goals, we can help you identify, acquire and manage your real estate investments and achieve them with our new Portfolio Builder featuring an intuitive property recommendation tool.

With our new recommendation tool you can simply select what your goal is from three options, and our algorithm will suggest classes of properties that will best meet your goals. From there, you can easily drill down into the details of the property classes and select properties of interest from our database of pre-vetted properties.

For example, if you want to invest $25K in a less risky real estate asset for your children’s college tuition, and anticipate a 10-year investment horizon, we would suggest you consider Balanced Class property. If you’re investing $100K for retirement with a 30-year horizon, we may recommend that you check out a couple of Growth Class properties. Or, if you are interested in supplemental income today, we’d probably recommend a portfolio made up of Income Class properties. Keep in mind, these classifications are just guidelines, created to help you better understand and reach your investment goals.

What are these property classifications?

Properties on our site are classified in one of three ways:

  • Income: Properties that are expected to provide higher monthly cash flows, with lower appreciation than other classes in the same location
  • Growth: Properties that are expected to achieve greater appreciation than other classes in the same location, and attain at least modest cash flows
  • Balanced: Properties with a good mix of cash flow and appreciation, that do not have the highest level of either, and typically carry a lower risk profile


 How do you get started?

  1. Go to
  2. Answer 3 simple questions
  3. Review your recommended portfolio
  4. Create an account to view property details
  5. Consult with a Real Estate Solutions Manager to pinpoint your perfect investment properties


What have we done to make investing in remote real estate easier for you?

  • Identified the best investment properties in 9 markets to make your search faster
  • Categorized each property as Income, Balanced, or Growth, enabling you to identify those that meet your investment needs
  • Added in-depth neighborhood data and interactive maps for each property, giving you additional insight to invest with confidence
  • Offered the option to compare properties and investment locations


What does this mean for you?

  • You can identify properties that meet your investment goals, faster than before
  • You have the ability to distinguish your options using our sophisticated data technologies
  • You can invest remotely from the comfort your home, knowing you have access to enterprise-level data on markets, neighborhoods, and individual properties

Get started on the road to confident real estate investing. Register now and discover the possibilities.

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