Don Ganguly CEO of HomeUnion On Air with Stark Group Live! Show

Don Ganguly, CEO of HomeUnion®, On Air with Stark Group Live! Show

Become a successful real estate investor by listening this episode of Stark Group Live! which discuss the art of reaching success in real estate investing. Each week, hosts Brian and Paul Stark interview experts who teach the art of success in real estate investing. Recently, HomeUnion® CEO Don Ganguly, was featured on the show, which is a great way to get any lingering questions on real estate investing answered.

Don goes into great detail about how the investing process at HomeUnion® works. He breaks down each step of the process, and discusses how we have strategically created this system to help investors meet their goals. In the interview you will learn more about:

  • Why you should consider investing in Single Family Real Estate
  • What the “best” property is based on your goals and preferences as an investor. Most investors are looking for yield but the “best” property also depends your budget, timeline, and stage of life.
  • How to determine which properties are best for your unique and individual goals.
  • Why you should harness the power big data to locate the best neighborhoods within each market, and the best properties within those neighborhoods.
  • Why you should use local experts to validate the data.
  • How to better think about real estate investing. By classifying assets as income (high yield), growth (high appreciation), and balanced (mix of both), you’ll more quickly be able to find properties that meet your investment goals.
  • How you should think about real estate investing, and how to become more clinical to ensure greater investing success.


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