Don't Let Clutter In Listing Photos Stop You From Investing

Don’t Let Clutter Deceive You on What’s a Good Real Estate Investment

It’s a common story. You decide to invest in residential real estate, and thus start your hunt for a good investment property online. After looking at a few available listings, you are left defeated, disappointed. Why?


For every listing you stumbled across, there was a tornado of clutter in the property photos, hiding the true potential of an investment property. Any successful investor will stop you right there, and tell you to not let listing photos scare you off. You have to look beyond the clutter, and focus on the numbers like yield, cash-on-cash returns, total returns, etc.

This investment property in North Carolina is a good example of how clutter in the listing photos didn’t stop our HomeUnion® investor from buying this single-family home. And luckily they did – after a few minor renovations, this investment property was tenanted and receiving the projected rent of $900.

So the next time you find a property that meets your investment goals, but is plagued by clutter, it’s in your best interest to look beyond the mess.

Don t Let Clutter Deceive You on What is a Good Real Estate Investment – HomeUnion®

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