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Real Estate Investment in Fremont, CA

Why Invest in Fremont, CA Real Estate?

Fremont is a major destination for real estate investors in single-family homes. The diverse dining and shopping scenes together with hiking & climbing trails, enchanting outdoor sceneries, access to quality healthcare & education facilities determine numerous renters and active homebuyers to pour into the city every year. Fremont's population has experienced a 0.50% increase in 2017.

With a strong and varied economy, the city is one of the most popular living destinations in the Bay Area. Fremont is close to Silicon Valley and ever since it has become the headquarters of many tech manufacturing companies, its job market has been thriving. With major industries including professional, scientific, and technical services, Fremont has an average income high enough to fuel its real estate market.

Although more of a seller’s market, Fremont is still an affordable place in California. Since its single-family homes are selling fast, competitiveness is in the air, but the city is trying to compensate for it with new property developments. The population growth, stable job market, appealing leisure ops, and a nice infrastructure are just some of the factors that make Fremont a good choice for real estate investors.

Investment Considerations for Fremont Real Estate

There are a number of factors to consider, including:

  • Steady Job Growth- Fremont hosts more than 850 manufacturing firms, as well as the largest number of biomedical organizations in the Bay Area. Tesla's full-scale factory, Everex, AlterG, AMAX Engineering Corporation, DiscoveRx, Quark Pharmaceuticals, and Mattson Technology are just some of the companies headquartered in the city. Therefore, the unemployment rate is 2.6% (lower than the 5.2% national average), while the job market increased by 2.6% during 2017 alone. In terms of real estate investment, this attracts buyers and renters to the area, hence ensures market prosperity. As a result, real estate investors can enjoy a regular cash flow likelihood.
  • High Appreciation Rates - The home values in Fremont have increased by 17.4% in 2017 and future growth is predicted at 12.3% in 2018. Being one of the most sought-after destinations in the Bay Area, it's no surprise that the city is enjoying increasing appreciation rates. While this leads the market to be more competitive, it also gives real estate investors the chance to purchase properties, rent them out, and get high returns on their investments while they're renting as well as when they sell them after their value has increased.
  • Fair Entry Price of Homes - Enjoying a decent population growth rate (0.50%), Fremont is an attractive relocation place, with more than 233,000 residents. This means a high rental demand. To keep up with it, the City of Fremont has approved numerous new developments, both commercial and residential. Warm Springs is one of the locations for construction, which is sure to reflect positively on the overall state of the real estate market. As the rent prices go higher, the entry price of the properties stays pretty affordable. The median property sale price in Fremont is $943,662, which is less expensive compared to other Bay Area cities. Plus, the average rental income is $3,225 and the cash on cash return is 0.81%. Consequently, real estate investors can buy fairly-priced properties and enjoy the high demand and rent prices.
  • Popularity as a living destination - Named the happiest place in the country and the 11th best destination for job hunters in the United States, Fremont is among the most popular cities in California. As such, it draws numerous migrants, many of which work in high-paying industries. Moreover, schools like William Hopkins Junior High, John Gomes Elementary, and Mission San Jose Elementary are constantly attracting families with children. For real estate investors, this translates into a stable market bursting with various opportunities.

What are the best neighborhoods to invest in Fremont?

  • Properties throughout Fremont enjoy a growing demand. With affordable prices and cash on cash return percentages, Warm Springs, Lakes and Birds, and 28 Palms stand apart from the crowd. The median property price in Warm Springs is $1,449,000, the rental income is $2,753, and the CoC return is 0.11%. In Lakes and Birds, the median property price is $794,919, the rental income is $3,321, and the CoC return is 1.58%. 28 Palms' median property price is $949,000, rental income is $3,409, and CoC return is 1.48%. As appreciation rates are going up, neighborhoods like Northgate and Ardenwood are nice options as well. There are plenty of new property developments, thus finding a more affordable investment opportunity than the above-mentioned shouldn’t be difficult.
  • Fremont is a fast-growing city with a wide range of opportunities for real estate investors. Access to quality education and healthcare facilities, economic growth, and the variety of leisure options make Fremont a good market for real estate investing.


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