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HomeUnion is an end-to-end real estate investing service where You Invest, We Can Do the Rest. See How It Works.
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We review all your funding options with you and explain how each affects the return on your investment.
Available funding options include:


Maximize Your Returns With a Lower Initial Amount

Using financing to buy your investment can help you make a solid return on investment at a smaller initial investment than all-cash purchases. By financing your investment,” you only need to put down about 20% of the home price while the bank pays for the rest.

All Cash

Carry Less Risk and Higher Negotiating Potential

Paying your property in full with cash comes with the benefits of additional negotiating potential on the property price as well as preference over other offers. Although using all cash requires a higher upfront investment than financing, you will be debt-free and carry less risk while you own the investment.


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HomeUnion will guarantee your rental income for up to 12 months. You can rest assured that whether or not the property is occupied, you will earn cash flow until your property is leased.

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