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Get Started Buying Investment Properties with Only $40,000 Down

HomeUnion®.com makes getting started as a real estate investor simple and hassle-free, and the returns collected each month should kickstart long-term wealth generation. Simply click on the Get Started button located on the right-hand side of our home page and start searching for fully managed investment properties that meet your financial goals. Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step toward diversifying your portfolio.

Although each investor enters real estate investing with different goals and working capital, we recommend that investors have of minimum of $40,000 to take advantage of the diverse opportunities offered at HomeUnion®.com. Utilizing our industry-leading Asset Recommendation Engine, which accounts for risk tolerance and financial objectives, we can automatically locate an investment that is best suited for you. For those who would rather have a personal touch, a licensed Solutions Manager can help you locate an investment property. We have dozens of properties starting near the $40,000 threshold.

Examples of SFRs with Low Initial Investments
At the beginning of September 2017, there were 66 available investment properties available for between $40,000 and $50,000. In Charlotte, N.C., an investor can purchase a three-bedroom/two-bath SFR on Button Brush Court for an initial leveraged investment of $46,150.

  • Purchase price for this 1,401-square-foot investment property is $110,000.
  • Built in 2001, this asset has a 5 percent cash-on-cash return, a 9.5 percent yield and a total return of 15.9 percent.
  • The remote investor who acquires this rental property will command rents of $1,02 per month.

If the Midwest is a more desirable market for your investment needs, check out the selection of suburban Chicago investment properties on the site. On Lake Street in Lansing, Ill., an initial leveraged investment of approximately $37,000 will acquire a three-bedroom/one-bathroom rental.

  • The purchase prices for this 1,304-square-foot property is $99,000.
  • It was constructed in 1952, and features a cash-on-cash return of 6.6 percent, an 11 percent yield and a total return of 17.1 percent.
  • This asset will net a landlord $1,450 per month.

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The next decision to make is whether to use financing, a self-directed IRA or pay with all cash. Other highly customizable features include the ability to select a geographic location, and more specifically, a neighborhood. Recently added preferences that further streamline your online real estate investing experience include pre-select (properties that have been vetted by our on-the-ground, licensed market experts), multifamily, hot investment, new construction and tenanted properties.

With all of these search features on our site, we are dedicated to making your online real estate investment experience highly personalized. If you have any questions about initial investment requirements, how to use a self-directed IRA or any other search criteria on HomeUnion®.com, contact us today.

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