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Halloween Signals Start of Investing Season for Many

October 31st— aside from the thrills associated with Halloween— is also a very important date for investors. So much in fact, that many of them utilize something known as the “Halloween Strategy” when it comes to stock market investing. Here’s a little more about this interesting phrase.


Why the Halloween Strategy is Implemented

The popular investing phrase “sell in May and then walk away” utilizes the October 31st date as a signal for when to once again start investing in the stock market to increase capital gains. Its underlying assumption underscores the idea of “seasonality” as a key aspect to the investing process.

Basically, once the excitement of summer has died down and the nights have gotten a bit more chilly, it’s time to get the investment wheels rolling again.

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October 31st means it’s time to invest. So before you’ve enjoyed a safe and happy Halloween, give us a call at 888-276-0232 or schedule a consultation to start your new investing season with HomeUnion!

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