HomeUnion's Home Renovation of the Month in Charlotte, NC

Home Renovation of the Month


Modern Investment Renovation

Nestled in the metro of Charlotte, NC, this investment property was a steal for our investor who saved $2,400 on the purchase price! Built in 2012, this home is practically new and comes with renter-attracting amenities. From the beautiful wood flooring to the state of the art kitchen, this home comes with the elegant finishes throughout.

Our Asset Management team completed the following renovations on behalf of our investor:

  1. Fixing exhaust vent
  2. Repairing cracks on garage flooring
  3. Replacing of broken lightbulbs
  4. Replacing of plumbing for outside hose system to prevent continual leaking
  5. Repairing air conditioning unit
  6. Adding missing doorsteps
  7. Repairing windows
  8. Identifying interior leak and making necessary repairs
  9. Strengthening handrail
  10. Painting of interior to neutral colors

This renovation is a perfect example of how important it is to have a quality inspector look over your investment before buying, as they can uncover repairs not easily seen unless properly trained to look. We work with only the most-qualified inspectors when it comes to orchestrating a home inspection. Once we have the inspection in our hands, we accurately reflect the cost of repair to our investor by shopping for contractors and then help him/her decide if they want to move forward. In this specific case, the investor decided the cost of the renovation was minimal compared to the greater benefits of long-term cash flow and appreciation for this single-family rental.

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About HomeUnion®’s Asset Management Team

Spearheaded by real estate professionals with years of experience in the real estate and property management industry, HomeUnion®’s Asset Management team is responsible for overseeing the rehab, handling repairs and maintenance, marketing the property to tenants, tenant screening, and a great deal more. Learn more about the process here.

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