HomeUnion's Home Renovation Of The Month Is In Georgia

Home Renovation of the Month

Home Renovation of the Month

Beautiful Investment Property in Georgia

From the red shutters to the white-railing patio, this investment property located in peachy Georgia is a sweet home for renters. This 1,320 square-feet home features three bedrooms and two bathrooms in a suburban area of Stockbridge, near the Atlanta metro. With a classic fireplace, granite countertops, and rich wood flooring, this was a straightforward renovation for HomeUnion®’s Rehab team.

“It’s important to understand that renovation for an investment property is about strategy; we update renovations based on helping to attract a quality renter, and at all times, we keep the investor’s bottomline in mind,” supports Karla Rivas, HomeUnion®’s Senior Manager of Asset Management. “It’s all about balance, and this home is a wonderful example of how we made nominal repairs to get this property tenanted quickly, so the investor could start generating cash flow right away.”

The main point of focus on this home renovation was bringing the home up to safety measures like adding carbon monoxide detectors, securing the dishwasher, and replacing broken lightbulbs. Small fixes were also performed, like fixing the front door hinge, replacing a leaking pipe in the bathroom, applying new caulking in the bathroom, and installing new faucet valve and an exhaust fan. To complete this investment property renovation, the home was fully cleaned to make the granite sparkle and carpet shine to potential renters.

Home Renovation of the Month – HomeUnion® 2

Renovation Success

This Georgia renovation was a major success for the team since the investor received the full projected rental amount of $950 right away and saved over $2800 in rehab costs (Projected: $5500, Actual: $2620). On to the next rehab!

About HomeUnion®’s Asset Management Team

Spearheaded by real estate professionals with years of experience in the real estate and property management industry, HomeUnion®’s Asset Management team is responsible for overseeing the rehab, handling repairs and maintenance, marketing the property to tenants, tenant screening, and a great deal more. Learn more about the process here.

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