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Home Renovation of the Month


Finding a Renter Magnet

This charming, spacious two-story home located just outside of North Carolina’s capital had wonderful potential as a family home— it just needed some help in making it a bit more family—friendly. So the Asset Management team at HomeUnion got to work. The result was a pristine, safety-conscious renovation guaranteed to make any renter feel right at home.

Safety first! Our meticulous rehab process consisted primarily of bringing the property up to the strictest safety standards. Here’s a few of our efforts:

  1. Door repairs
  2. Fixed fan vent
  3. Screen replacements
  4. Fixed doorbell
  5. Replaced drain line
  6. A safer, up-to-code home

This property was such a great find by our Asset Selection team, that all our Asset Management pros needed to do was bring it up to code, by fixing a few minor details. The process provides an example of how focusing on small, often times overlooked details can transform a property into both a renter’s delight and a money saver for investors. Our efforts saved this investor 40% off the total cost of the rehab and enabled him to receive over 6% more rent than initially projected.


How this Renovation Turned Out











About HomeUnion’s Asset Management Team

Spearheaded by real estate professionals with years of experience in the real estate and property management industry, HomeUnion’s Asset Management team is responsible for overseeing the rehab, handling repairs and maintenance, marketing the property to tenants, tenant screening, and a great deal more. Learn more about the process here.

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From Texas to North Carolina, our rehab team at HomeUnion has conducted a range of renovations, from big to small, all across the United States.


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