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Amenities Galore

Conveniently located in Jacksonville, Florida, this renovation is proof that everything AND the kitchen sink will in fact attract renters to your property. In the heart of a beautiful community, this rental home came chock-full of amenities – an in-ground pool, large playground, and quite a view of the water. The 2BR/2.5BA home itself features open floor plans, each bedroom comes with its own private full bath, and a long driveway and private one-car garage offers plenty of parking! And the cherry on top? The kitchen features oak kitchen cabinets and white appliances for great renter-living.

It’s no wonder why tenants moved-in right away, and the HomeUnion® investor ended up collecting more on rent for this property than projected. Additionally, the home was in great condition as the investor saved 48% on rehab costs than previously projected. This Jacksonville amenities-galore rental was a huge win for our investor and our Asset Management who only had to complete minimal repairs to get this home tenant-ready!

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Spearheaded by real estate professionals with years of experience in the real estate and property management industry, HomeUnion®’s Asset Management team is responsible for overseeing the rehab, handling repairs and maintenance, marketing the property to tenants, tenant screening, and a great deal more. Learn more about the process here.

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Sean Sep 21 2016 - 6:12 PM
To be honest, not that impressive. How much was spent on the "remodel"?
    Alisha Chocha Sep 21 2016 - 10:02 PM
    Hi Sean, Thank you for your honesty. The rehab cost was $2,834; this was strategic, as we transform every property into a HomeUnion® Home - a balance between the investor's budget and the renter's livability. You can learn more about renovations here: http://homeunion.com/the-homeunion-home/. Thank you, Alisha at HomeUnion®
Jane Neujahr Sep 22 2016 - 9:32 AM
Really? $18/mo more? Not impressive.
    Alisha Chocha Sep 22 2016 - 9:41 AM
    Hi Jane, Thank you for leaving a comment; the investor received higher than projected rent and the extra amount, especially long-term, increases his overall returns. If you have further questions, please let me know. Thanks, Alisha at HomeUnion®

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