You can tell a lot about a company by looking at past performance; that’s why we’ve gathered our key numbers to share with you.

Just another way, we’re fully transparent with our investors.


Please note, investor selection will dictate returns.

These performance returns are calculated as follows:

  • We start with the actual income received from each included property (e.g., rent) starting from the fourth month after acquisition;
  • We subtract all associated interest costs (if financing was utilized), fees, and expenses for the relevant period; and
  • We divide the remainder by the initial investment amount, including without limitation the purchase price (less any loan amount), closing costs, and rehabilitation expenses.

But, please note these important limitations:

  • This only reflects the performance of properties acquired in a nine month period (January 1, 2015 through September 30, 2015);
  • Properties purchased after September 30, 2015 are not included in these performance figures;
  • 2016 performance is not included in these performance figures;
  • The returns are only for “stabilized” properties, which means that we exclude all income (or losses) in the first three months following the acquisition of a real estate asset; note that in general the investments we make in properties during the first three months greatly exceed any income received in that period;
  • This performance is based only on cash-flow and current income with no consideration of changes in the value of the underlying assets (therefore, it is possible that a property with a declining value can still reflect positive returns);
  • These figures are not audited and have not been confirmed by any third party; and
  • The geographic areas in which we operate are limited and our experiences in new markets may differ.



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The performance information presented above relates to the returns experienced in “Stabilized Portfolios” managed by HomeUnion® Holdings, Inc. (“HomeUnion®”).   “Stabilized Portfolios” are portfolios consisting of single-family home real estate assets that have been acquired by clients of HomeUnion® and held for over three months.  The data used to formulate returns for Stabilized Portfolios therefore excludes all investments and income prior to the fourth month during which the property is held.  We also exclude all intra-year (i.e., YTD 2016) data.
In order to calculate the yield of a Stabilized Portfolio, we subtracted all interest costs (if financing was utilized) and all fees and expenses during the relevant period from the total rents (and any other income) yielded by the properties.  The remainder of that equation was then divided by the “initial investment amount” to calculate yield.  Each property’s return during the stabilized period is then annualized by weighting the time period and the aggregate of such returns is divided by the total investments made to arrive at the annualized yield.  Note that this calculation does not factor in any costs or expenses associated with the sale of the property (none of these properties have been sold) or any appreciation or depreciation in the value of the underlying properties; property sales (if any) would incur transaction costs related to items such as assessments and valuation fees, legal services, brokerage fees and transaction costs due to HomeUnion® (or a HomeUnion® affiliate) under existing or future service agreements (including, but not limited to, HomeUnion®’s provision of brokerage services).
The “initial investment amount” is the aggregate acquisition cost, less any loan amount (if financing was utilized).  The “aggregate acquisition cost” includes the initial purchase price of the property, closing costs associated with the purchase of that property and the costs associated with the rehabilitation of the property.  The “total asset value” is calculated based on the aggregate acquisition cost.
In calculating performance, we only include income that is actually received, but expenses can – on an item by item basis – be considered on a cash or on an accrual basis (e.g., asset management fees, taxes, insurance and mortgage interest payments are based on the accrued amount of those expenses).
The performance figures contained herein reflect a very limited operating history.  These figures represent the aggregated performance of properties purchased only in the areas that HomeUnion® serves and only from January 1, 2015 through September 30, 2015, and do not include performance for properties purchased after September 30, 2015.  Performance of properties purchased after September 30, 2015 is not shown because many of such properties are in renovation or have not yet secured a tenant.  The short-term performance of any property may vary materially from the aggregate performance of properties in a Stabilized Portfolio. 
These figures have not been audited or approved by any third party.
The performance contained herein is a limited sample and should not be relied upon when making any investment.  This limited sample does not reflect the possibility of future tenant turnover, which may result in increased expenses and gaps in income received from properties.  In addition, there is no accrual or reserves factored into these performance figures for future maintenance costs. 
Any performance information shown is hypothetical insofar as the performance information is prepared on an aggregated basis, and does not reflect the performance of any particular client’s investments. These are not actual results of any specific client. These performance figures are based upon various assumptions and may not factor in all of the properties in a hypothetical Client’s portfolio. Because a Stabilized Portfolio does not reflect performance during the first three month’s of ownership, the performance of a Client’s overall investments would differ materially and is likely to be worse than what is stated herein.  HomeUnion® and its affiliates are not making any representation that a performance record similar to the returns shown herein will or is likely to be achieved by any client.
HomeUnion® is not an investment adviser, is not advising on securities and is not utilizing this communication to provide investment or other advice, and no information or material available through this communication shall constitute investment advice. This communication shall not be used or considered as an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy securities of any product. Offers can only be made where lawful under, and in compliance with, applicable law. HomeUnion® does not provide investment advisory, tax, legal or financial services, and recommends that you consult your own tax, legal, accounting and investment professionals to perform an independent analysis before making decisions regarding the purchase or sale of real estate.
HomeUnion® and its affiliates offer (or may offer) several services to individuals engaged in the real estate investment process. Any rental management services offered by HomeUnion® or any of its affiliated entities is wholly separate from brokerage services offered by HomeUnion® or any of its affiliated entities. Clients are free to use any or all of such services.
Any performance data presented is subject to significant assumptions. While HomeUnion® believes the assumptions used to generate data present in this communication are reasonable, these assumptions are subjective in nature and other assumptions may also be reasonable. Different assumptions may result in materially different returns. Prospective clients should satisfy themselves that they understand the assumptions used and their effect on these figures. Clients should understand that they may lose some or all of their investment. The performance information set forth in these materials are provided to you on the understanding that you will understand and accept the inherent limitations of such results and will not rely on them in making any decision to invest in a property. The Risk Factors presented elsewhere on this website should be carefully reviewed. No representation is being made that a performance record similar to the aggregated returns shown herein will or is likely to be achieved. Further information is available upon request.