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HomeUnion® Case Study – Jerome Williams


An entrepreneur at heart, Jerome Williams opened a restaurant at the age of 19. Although the eatery closed a year later, the experience ignited his passion for blazing his own path in life.

Williams relocated to California and purchased a gold and coin shop. He bought his first house in Modesto when he needed a place to live, renting it out after getting married. Within 18 months, the property had doubled in value. And the real estate bug had bitten.

Desiring to grow his real estate portfolio, Williams needed to find affordable rental properties nearby – practically impossible in expensive Northern California. So he turned to plan B:  investing in a long-distance market and finding the right solution for managing his properties from afar – HomeUnion®.


Williams learned about HomeUnion® through CNBC, and decided to do some digging. He states, “My research on the company yielded exactly what I was looking for:  expert guidance, flexible funding options and a commitment to impeccable service. I knew I had found a home in HomeUnion®.”

He further notes, “HomeUnion® finds the properties you can afford. Their first-of-its-kind platform breaks the data down and shows 30-year projections. For a little over $25,000, HomeUnion® provided me with more than a handful of homes to choose from.”

He continues, “My father-in-law owns 25+ rentals, and takes a different approach. He manages everything himself, which is exhausting. Plus, his day-to-day management and mortgage costs are high, which ultimately cut into his returns.”

For Mr. Williams, a win-win partnership with HomeUnion® is about living the life he envisions while leaving the hassle to the experts. He sums up his point of view as follows: “There’s no reason to chase pennies by doing the work yourself; entrepreneurs chase the process that fits with their lifestyle.”


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