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HomeUnion® Case Study – Joshua Baumender


Joshua Baumender’s journey into real estate investing started with a Google search and noticing one common trait amongst most of the wealthiest people in the world – they all had real estate in their portfolio.

As Mr. Baumender looked more into real estate investing, he was intrigued by the benefits – tax advantages, monthly cash flow, and how real estate is a tangible asset that feels more stable and dependable than other investments.

The only issue he faced was where to invest as living in exotic Hawaii presented a challenge – expensive home prices. The math just didn’t work out. He quickly realized he was not going to receive the returns he was hoping to achieve if he invested in real estate locally. And he wasn’t about to move, his job at an aircraft company and his love for fishing, hiking, and the ocean were strong anchors keeping him in beautiful Hawaii.


Coincidently, Mr. Baumender discovered HomeUnion® through another search on the Internet, and continued to do extensive research on the company before deciding to invest with us. “I decided to work with HomeUnion® because their plan was straightforward, their service was impeccable, and their website showed all the numbers I needed to make an informed decision.”

Mr. Baumender further adds, “As a first-time investor, it was extremely beneficial for me to receive expert guidance from one of HomeUnion®’s Real Estate Solutions Managers. He was very informative and thoroughly answered all my questions.”

Also, most notably, during his in-depth researching, he ran across how HomeUnion® was a start-up company. His response? “I took a chance on HomeUnion®, and I’m glad I did.”

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