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HomeUnion® Case Study – Sean Slattery


For Sean Slattery, he was always fascinated by the potential of rental properties to produce passive income. By living in New York and working in the South, he saw first-hand how accessible markets in the other regions of the country were, and knew immediately he wanted to invest in real estate in a variety of markets.

His main reasons for wanting to invest in real estate were to achieve financial freedom, generate passive income for retirement, as well as build security for his future family. “Real estate investing provides unprecedented opportunities to create generational wealth, and there doesn’t seem to be a better tax haven,” Mr. Slattery explains.

Unfortunately, there were barriers to investing in real estate. First, due to increasingly high home prices, there was no way the 24-year-old could break into his nearby New York Metropolitan market. Additionally, the nature of his work as a Deck Officer aboard various classes of ocean going and inland commercial vessels would make it practically impossible to manage a rental property.

Currently, his schedule involves 28 days at sea, followed by 28 days of vacation. “Managing a rental property remotely would be very difficult, managing a property without cell service would be practically impossible,” Slattery confirms.


Mr. Slattery says it best himself – “HomeUnion® was the answer to my problems. They gave me access to markets outside my own by providing professional insight into real estate investing in other markets and by supplying the management service I was unable to provide.”

He further remarks on his experience, “My HomeUnion® Solutions Manager explained every step of the investment process, and the entire HomeUnion® team has been extremely helpful from start-to-finish. Working with them has been a truly satisfying experience. Everything that HomeUnion® has advertised has been executed wholly.”

Mr. Slattery is currently in the process of purchasing his second property with HomeUnion®, while at sea.

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TEMU GERALD Jun 14 2016 - 8:44 PM
Very good. I need more for low income people Thanks
    Alisha Chocha Jun 14 2016 - 9:00 PM
    Hi Temu, Thank you for the compliment and letting us know what kind of material we can provide for the future. We appreciate the feedback. Best, Alisha at HomeUnion®

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