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HomeUnion® Case Study – Yang Guo


Located in lively San Francisco, Yang Guo is a Data Scientist at Uber who was looking to diversify his robust portfolio into residential real estate.

Previously, Mr. Guo worked as a foreign exchange trader at Citi and knew the importance of investing in an asset class that will steadily grow over time, but he wasn’t sure where or how to get started in real estate investing. “My first thought was to look into REITs, but this type of investment isn’t as transparent as I like, and came with too many hidden fees,” notes Mr. Guo.

The hesitation with REITs caused him to look at single family rental homes, but he knew he didn’t want to invest nearby. “San Francisco, to me, is not an attractive market with its increasingly high prices, so I didn’t want to invest locally,” explains Mr. Guo, “I wanted the asset to appreciate, so I was looking for a stable market that could provide long-term growth.”

His journey then led him to look into remote investing, but all the work that would be ahead of him seemed daunting. “I’m not an expert, and you have to have lots of things in place to successfully invest in real estate. I wanted to add real estate to my portfolio, but it seemed like a lot of work at the time,” Mr. Guo concluded.


Recommended by a friend, Mr. Guo discovered HomeUnion®. “I immediately liked HomeUnion®’s approach of making real estate investing as easy as buying stocks. And partnering with HomeUnion® has allowed me to add real estate to my portfolio through a simple purchasing and investment process.”

It was an all-around win for Mr. Guo who went through a smooth closing process, and HomeUnion® found a tenant who signed a lease for his rental property. “As my first-time buying a home, I appreciated how responsive the Solutions and Closing team were with answering my questions,” Mr. Guo expresses.

Mr. Guo had a great real estate investing experience, and he is currently in the works to buy his second investment property with HomeUnion®.

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