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HomeUnion® CEO Appears on PBS to Discuss Remote Real Estate Investing

PBS featured HomeUnion® CEO Don Ganguly and investor Tyler Laprade during a  Jan. 13 Nightly Business Report broadcast, produced by CNBC, on the benefits of online real estate investing. As a busy software analyst living in Manhattan, Laprade doesn’t have time to do the legwork associated with being a landlord, including rehabbing a home, finding creditworthy tenants, filling out paperwork, and managing an asset. That’s why he turned to HomeUnion®, a remote real estate investment and management company that Laprade calls a “one-stop shop” for investing in residential real estate.

With HomeUnion®, retail real estate investors have all the tools – data on 110 million homes, research, financial performance data, and local real estate experts  – to invest like an institutional buyer, explains Don Ganguly, CEO of HomeUnion®. “Our goal…is to make real estate investing simple, transparent and easy,” he shares.

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