HomeUnion® Identifies the Best Housing and Rental Markets for Millennials

A St. Louis zip code is the top spot for young home buyers, while a Milwaukee zip code is best for renters

IRVINE, Calif., May 2, 2017 – HomeUnion®, an online real estate investing platform, has identified the best housing and rental markets for millennials. To rank the zip codes, HomeUnion® analyzed a variety of factors including zip codes with the best public schools, shortest commute times and where millennials making the metro median income can afford a for-sale home or rental. For the best places to by a home, the monthly mortgage could not exceed 28 percent of median household income. For the best places to buy a single-family rental (SFR) home, rent could not exceed 2.5 times gross income.

“Millennials recently eclipsed baby boomers as the nation’s largest generation, so it is imperative that they have quality long-term housing options,” explains Steve Hovland, director of research for HomeUnion®. “We know that millennials would like to own a home, but we also know that they struggle to find suitable for-sale options near major employment centers due to high home prices and low inventory. Homes in metro areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City, where many millennials prefer to live, are out of reach for the most of the millennial generation because of the disparity between prices and incomes. They are also burdened with high levels of student loan debt, which makes homeownership an additional challenge,” he notes.
“To help millennials with their housing predicament, we created a comprehensive list of zip codes that are the most affordable with excellent public schools, and also have the shortest commute times to job centers,” Hovland says.

Here are the top zip codes for millennials to buy a home:

Metro Zip Code Submarket School Ranking % Commute Time Monthly Mortgage
St. Louis 63144 Brentwood, Mo. 87 30 $1,169
West Palm Beach 33434 Boca Raton, Fla. 88 37 $952
Pittsburgh 15243 Mount Lebanon, Pa. 90 40 $1,304
Cleveland 44026 Chesterland, Ohio 83 42 $1,225
Oklahoma City 73003 Edmond, Okla. 90 45 $986
Kansas City 66030 Gardner, Kan. 85 46 $1,242
Minneapolis 55301 Albertville, Minn. 90 47 $1,365
Chicago 60169 Hoffman Estates, Ill. 82 50 $1,355
Detroit 48073 Royal Oak, Mich. 80 51 $1,181
Indianapolis 46168 Plainfield, Ind. 87 53 $1,041
New Orleans 70079 Norco, La. 86 58 $903
Milwaukee 53074 Port Washington, Wis. 80 61 $1,094
Louisville 47161 New Salisbury, Ind. 94 67 $903
Cincinnati 45039 Maineville, Ohio 87 77 $1,151
Nashville 37153 Rockvale, Tenn. 82 85 $1,163
Philadelphia 18041 East Greenville, Pa. 80 97 $1,301
Atlanta 30043 Lawrenceville, Ga. 80 127 $1,233

Sources: HomeUnion® Research Services, Maponics, U.S. Census Bureau

Here are the best zip codes for millennials to rent:

Metro Zip Code Submarket School Ranking % Commute Time Median Rent
Milwaukee 53122 Elm Grove, Wis. 83.1 30 $1,649.00
Louisville 40243 Middletown, Ky. 88.8 33 $1,241.50
Austin 78705 Central Austin 86.3 33 $1,904.00
Oklahoma City 73165 Southeast Oklahoma City 88.1 35 $1,621.00
St. Louis 63126 Crestwood. Mo. 92.6 35 $1,661.00
Kansas City 66018 Overland Park, Kan. 80.6 36 $1,611.00
Jacksonville 32258 Greenland 82.1 37 $1,653.00
Minneapolis 55003 Bayport, Minn. 82.5 42 $1,597.00
Pittsburgh 15071 Oakdale, Pa. 85.2 44 $1,703.50
Philadelphia 19403 Trooper, Pa. 84.8 46 $1,835.00
Cincinnati 45036 Lebanon, Ohio 86.2 46 $1,639.00
Seattle 98019 Duvall, Wash. 82.3 47 $2,286.50
Washington, D.C. 20872 Damascus, Md. 80.7 47 $2,034.00
Chicago 60169 Hoffman Estates, Ill. 82.4 50 $1,746.50
Detroit 48073 Royal Oak, Mich. 80.2 51 $1,769.00
Boston 3885 Stratham, N.H. 80 51 $2,378.00
Indianapolis 46168 Plainfield, Ind. 86.5 53 $1,280.00
Atlanta 30028 Cumming, Ga. 84.7 55 $1,731.50
New Orleans 70471 Mandeville, La. 88.9 56 $1,429.50
Oakland, Calif. 94551 Livermore, Calif. 82.7 60 $2,805.00
Memphis 38651 Nesbit, Miss. 83.3 73 $1,325.50
Providence, R.I. 2894 Richmond, R.I. 92.2 73 $1,695.00
Virginia Beach 23696 Seaford, Va. 85.5 78 $1,708.00
Nashville 37153 Rockvale, Tenn. 81.9 85 $1,435.00

Sources: HomeUnion® Research Services, Maponics, U.S. Census Bureau

Methodology for the study: The study includes one zip code per market that met the criteria of affordability and schools in the 80th percentile. Subsequently, the list is sorted by shortest average commute, rather than most affordable zip code. To determine loan qualification, a mortgage-to-gross income ratio of 28 percent was utilized in the analysis. Income was based on the median household income in the metro for those aged 25- to 34-years old. In some cases, the same zip code was deemed to be a great place to rent and buy. Average rents are for single-family homes. A rent-to-income ratio of 2.5 times was used to determine eligibility. Markets not included in the study, including those in the Bay Area, did not include a single zip code that met the study’s criteria.


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