HomeUnion® Identifies the Best Places to Find Cyber Monday Bargains for Investment Housing

Savvy investors can save 11 percent by purchasing single-family rental properties today.

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 28, 2016 – HomeUnion®, a leading online real estate investment and management firm, has released a list of the best places to find online bargains for investment housing on Cyber Monday, based on cap rates. Chicago, Greenville, S.C. and Birmingham, Ala., top the list of metros with the best wintertime discounts on SFRs. In each of these markets, savvy investors can save 11 percent by purchasing properties today. Median home prices in these markets are $109,000 in the winter months compared to $122,000 during the spring and summer buying season. Investors can also capitalize on double-digit increases in cap rates and solid yields on Cyber Monday.

“HomeUnion®.com is one of the few websites that allows investors to acquire fully managed and vetted SFRs completely online, regardless of their location, thus eliminating the typical hassles associated with being a landlord,” says Steve Hovland, director of research for HomeUnion®. “Cyber Monday is the perfect time for investors to shop for these SFRs, since they will already be taking advantage of seasonal discounts. Using our investor portal, potential buyers can select investment homes in specific neighborhoods with the best returns or highest appreciation rate. Each home on the portal also contains detailed performance information, including monthly rents and cash-on-cash returns.”

“In all of the metros HomeUnion® operates in, median home prices decline significantly on Cyber Monday,” says Steve Hovland, director of research for HomeUnion®. “Before the Fed raises interest rates in December, investors would be well-advised to acquire income-producing SFR assets using leverage at this time.”

Here’s the complete list of metros offering the best discounts for SFRs on Cyber Monday:

Metro Area Cap Rate Increase 2016 Winter Median SFR Price 2016 Average Winter Rent
Chicago 18.3%  $128,000 $1,460
Greenville, S.C. 15.9% $86,250 $1,130
Birmingham, Ala. 12.0% $76,700 $970
Tampa 11.7% $109,100 $1,160
Jacksonville 11.4% $103,900 $1,160
Houston 10.7% $145,100 $1,500
Austin 10.2% $219,300 $1,560
Dallas 7.7% $136,500 $1,440
Memphis 7.2% $82,400 $980
Indianapolis. 7.0% $87,000 $1,060
Atlanta 7.0% $104,000 $1,130
Orlando 7.0% $147,800 $1,240
Nashville 6.5% $129,900 $1,220
San Antonio 6.0% $125,000 $1300
Raleigh, N.C.. 4.9% $147,500 $1,200
Charlotte. 4.6% $110,000 $1,130
Tampa 11.7% 21 $109,100

Sources: HomeUnion® Research Services, Maponics




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About HomeUnion®
HomeUnion® is an online real estate investing platform. Based in Irvine, Calif., it provides all the services needed for individuals to invest remotely in single-family rental (SFR) properties. The company uses a combination of research and data-driven proprietary analytics to incorporate over 110 million homes and 200,000 neighborhoods into their database, and then delivers its solutions to an on-the-ground infrastructure that currently serves 18 locations. HomeUnion®’s role spans the lifecycle of the investment transaction: identifying sound investments, handling all aspects of acquisition, maximizing income, protecting asset value, and selling the asset when the time comes.


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