HomeUnion Launches Crowdfunding Platform for Individual Investors

HomeUnion® Launches Crowdfunding Platform for Individual Investors

IRVINE, Calif., April 2, 2018 – HomeUnion®, the leader in online residential real estate investing, has launched a crowdfunding platform that allows investors to purchase stakes in a fund of single-family rental (SFR) properties on its website. Starting with a minimum investment of $10,000, retail investors now have the ability to acquire interest in the HomeUnion® Fix-and-Flip Fund. The fund enables consumers to invest in SFR assets acquired for fix-and-flip purposes in seven HomeUnion® markets: Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Raleigh and Tampa.

“Consumers can now choose how they invest in real estate with us,” explains Don Ganguly, CEO of HomeUnion®. “With the launch of this new platform, we are empowering buyers to invest in rental assets directly, or invest in a fund that meets their individual preferences and goals,” he says. “Unlike other websites, which source third-party projects and act as middlemen or brokers, HomeUnion® is the investment manager on the newly launched fund. In other words, we curate, renovate and manage the assets using big data and our local real estate experts.”

Here are more details about the Fix-and-Flip Fund currently available on HomeUnion®’s website:

  • The HomeUnion® Fix-and-Flip Fund uses proprietary methodology and local market expertise to identify SFRs in seven active HomeUnion® markets that present opportunities to increase values and command higher rents through renovation. The fund purchases, renovates, and places renters in these properties, which are located in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Raleigh and Tampa. The properties in this fund are then sold as tenanted assets on HomeUnion®’s online investment marketplace, where more than $150 million in real estate transactions have closed.

“The addition of crowdfunded investments to our site enhances our existing, robust platform, which allows individuals to acquire both single-family and multifamily real estate based on their personal preferences and goals. Investors can already select the metros and neighborhoods where they’d like to acquire properties (A, B, or C) and whether to use financing, all cash or a self-directed IRA for those acquisitions.”

The fund is now available for consumers on HomeUnion®’s website.



About HomeUnion®

HomeUnion® is the leader in online residential real estate investing. Based in Irvine, Calif., the company provides all the services needed for individuals to invest remotely in residential real estate. HomeUnion® is the only company that offers investors the opportunity to acquire fully managed real estate directly, or indirectly via crowdfunding.


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