HomeUnion® Makes Investing in Single Family Rentals Easy

There are any number of real estate gurus out there who will tell you that they “made it rich” investing in real estate.  However, if investing is not your full-time job, where are you going to find the time and the know how to locate, purchase, and manage your investment properties?  This is where HomeUnion® steps in.  We make remote investing as simple and hands-free as investing in the stock market.


[HomeUnion® Investor #1]: I wanted to diversify into single family real estate, but it seemed like a lot of work. How do I pick the right location? How do I pick the right property within that location? Who’s gonna help me close the deal? And all that stuff that comes along with buying the property.

[Scott Hetherington]: Our mission at HomeUnion® is to make real estate investing as simple and as hands-free as investing in the stock market.

[Narrator]: HomeUnion® selects locations around the country where investors can earn higher overall returns. These desirable neighborhoods typically offer higher rents compared to the home prices. HomeUnion® personalizes all property selections to investor goals and preferences.

HomeUnion®: you invest, we can do the rest.

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