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The Top 10 Reasons to Become a Real Estate Investor

top ten10.  Your heart skips a beat every time the Dow loses 100 points and you think of how much of that money was yours.

9.  At its present rate, your 401K will let you retire when you’re 92.

8. You find yourself watching real estate investors on DIY Network and HGTV and thinking that maybe they are on to something.

7.  You love the idea of getting big fat checks every month.

6.  You also like making money with other peoples’ money to reach your goals faster.

5.  It would be nice if your investment dollars provided a safe, comfortable home to a deserving family.

4.  If many of America’s wealthiest investors are putting hundreds of millions into single- family rentals, you figure they may be onto something.

3.  You’d rather use GPS than a broker’s BS to find your next investment.

2.  You wish your IRA had three bedrooms and a garage.

1.  Best of all, now you can find a great property in a hot market right from your computer.  A professional management company takes care of the tenants and the property- all you do is watch the rent checks roll in.

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