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HomeUnion®’s Find of the Month


This month’s Find of the Month (formerly, Renovation of the Month) is a rental nestled alongside the wilderness, a few short miles of Atlanta, Georgia. Easy-access to shopping, schools, and worship facilities all add up to an enticing location. In addition to being a unique mix of city and country living, this solid investment property was move-in ready from the very start, decreasing the amount of renovation needing to be completed.

This rental was a sparkling gem that caught the eye of our Asset Selection team of experts. Its cozy, 3-bedroom confines made it ideally suited for small to mid-size families looking to rent instead of own— while it’s pet-friendliness was the icing on the cake. The property’s kitchen and bathrooms had been updated within the past year and the investor was able to gain a tenant quickly. Most important of all is how our investor received the entire projected rent amount ($900) while saving 6% off the overall purchase price (paying $78,400 instead of $83,000).

How HomeUnion® Made it Even More Investor-Friendly

Since the floor plan is a modern-design and the kitchen and bathrooms were recently updated, HomeUnion®’s Asset Management team concentrated on safety repairs and bringing the property up to its full potential. Our repairs included:

  • Garage/ sliding door replacement
  • Minor roof shingle replacement
  • Toilet repair
  • Complete safety update


HomeUnion®’s Asset Selection Process

HomeUnion® provides investors with end-to-end real estate investing solutions where every property on our platform has undergone our extensive, top-down identification process. We leverage analytics and local real estate experts to create a truly innovative investing experience for our clients.

As part of our process we:

  1. Identify cash flow investment markets
  2. Assess high-yielding neighborhoods within that market
  3. Narrow down to find solid investment properties

This innovative, streamlined approach ensures that when you work with HomeUnion® – You Invest, We Can Do The Rest.

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