HOUSING SCENE: You can be a landlord from afar – HomeUnion

HOUSING SCENE: You can be a landlord from afar

Nationally syndicated real estate columnist, Lew Sichelman details HomeUnion®’s unique “cradle-to-grave” turkey service for single family rental real estate investments.  The service allows those interested in diversifying from the stock market to invest in real estate without the hassle of actually being a landlord, in markets that cash flow.  Many individual real estate investors limit themselves to properties in their own backyard because they do not know other markets, thereby limiting their ROI. HomeUnion® solves this problem by doing the due diligence on markets across the country that have favorable returns, and managing the process from start finish, including assisting in the process of finding, acquiring, managing, and finally selling the asset. To find out more about HomeUnion®’s services, read on at Macomb Daily.

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