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HomeUnion is an end-to-end real estate investing service where You Invest, We Can Do the Rest.
Find a PropertyFund Your InvestmentOwn Your Investment PropertyRehab Your InvestmentManagement of Your Investment

We provide an end-to-end service that enables real estate investors like you to reap the benefits of investing in and owning residential real estate. See How It Works:

Find A Property

Based on your personal investment goals, we build you an online portfolio of pre-vetted properties.

We use data analytics and local experts to find and categorize some of the best investment properties throughout the country. Every property on our platform goes through our extensive Top Down property identification process that begins with Identifying the Markets, Identifying the Neighborhoods, and finally Identifying the Solid Investment Properties. From the preselected solid investment properties, our Solutions Managers are able to build a curated, suggested real estate investment portfolio that is handpicked for you and your investment goals. Learn More

Fund Your Investment

We will help you decide on the best funding option to meet your investment goals.

We review all your funding options with you and explain how each affects the projected return on your investment. Available funding options for your investment property include Financing, All Cash, SDIRA, 1031 Exchange, and Solo 401K. Learn More

Acquire the Property

We can do all the legwork for you to own your investment property.

When you partner with HomeUnion, you no longer have to climb a mountain of paperwork, home inspections, appraisals and loan documents. We provide services to help you acquire the home including submitting offers, conducting all the necessary inspections, and facilitating closing. Learn More

Rehab Your Property

We can manage all the necessary rehabs on your newly-purchased investment property.

In consultation with you, we may have to do some maintenance and repairs on the newly-purchased investment property to bring it up to HomeUnion Home standards. Upgrading the property to this standard is beneficial for both the investor and the tenant. The investor will improve the value of their investment and the tenant has a beautiful place to call home. Learn More

Manage Your Investment

We can do all the day-to-day management of your investment properties so that you can relax while building wealth.

We can market your property, get it tenanted, collect the rent, and much more. Our Asset Management team’s goal is to maximize your yield by keeping your tenants happy and paying as well as optimizing lease expirations and finding tenant replacements fast. Learn More

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HomeUnion took care of all the rehab and then quickly got it rented with a one-year lease. I’ve been very happy with my experience, and I would consider purchasing another property with them in the future.

Jonathan Kula
Software Manager

We are now proud owners of two single-family home rentals in emerging markets that show positive monthly cash flow and equity growth. We are well on our way to fulfilling our financial goals, thanks to HomeUnion.

Cory Sanders

HomeUnion was the answer to my problems. They gave me access to markets outside my own by providing professional insight into real estate investing in other markets and by supplying the management service I was unable to provide.

Sean Slattery
Merchant Marine

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We have experienced real estate investment professionals standing by to answer any questions you may have.

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HomeUnion will guarantee your rental income for up to 12 months. You can rest assured that whether or not the property is occupied, you will earn cash flow until your property is leased.

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