Real Estate Investing in Five Simple Steps

HomeUnion makes it easy for you to build wealth through residential real estate investments by doing all the legwork for you.

Select Properties

Select properties from your personalized portfolio

Fund It

Fund your investment with cash, your IRA, or finance it

Acquire Your Property

Acquire your property: we help with all the paperwork

Track Gains

Track your investment gains in your HomeUnion account

Sell When Ready

Sell when ready in the HomeUnion marketplace

Select Properties from Your Personalized Portfolio

We provide you with a portfolio of investment properties for you to select from. Every property we suggest goes through our extensive Top Down property identification process:

Fund your real investment with cash, your IRA or finance.

Fund Your Investment with Cash, Your IRA, or Finance It

We’ll review all your funding options including all cash purchases, mortgage and IRA investing, then explain how each affects the return on your investment.

If you choose to finance your investment and you qualify, we’ll save you a tremendous amount of time by guiding you through the entire process from pre-approval to final signature.

Subject to approval by the lender

Ready to Talk About Real Estate Investing?

We Help You Get the Property You Want

Our Fast Track program is our top tier program for remote investors. It is meant for individuals who are extremely busy, and who only want to do paperwork once. With the Fast Track program you give HomeUnion the power to bid on your behalf. You agree upon properties and a bid range ahead of time, and we make the bids for you, so you don’t miss out on any fast moving deals.

Investors can also choose the Standard Bid program which helps you be a competitive remote investor. With the Standard Bid Program, you agree upon properties and specific bid amounts ahead of time and sign a purchase agreement for each bid. We will present them in the order specified by you.

Acquire Your Property: We Help with All the Paperwork

Track Your Investment

Once you acquire your properties, all you have to do is view all activity (expenses, revenue, estimated appreciation, etc) on your investment that is tracked in your HomeUnion account. We handle the rest, including: 

  • Day-to-day management – We make sure all maintenance and repairs are performed in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Ongoing paperwork – We handle all taxes, insurance, HOA fees and paperwork.
  • Maximize Occupancy – We do everything in our power to secure a new tenant for our investors in the event of a vacancy thus minimizing any disruption in cash flow. 

We also provide market intelligence so that you can make buy-sell decisions. When you are ready, we’ll help you sell your property to another investor on our marketplace.

Track your investment using HomeUnion’s ipad app.

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