HomeUnion® is an end-to-end real estate investing service where You Invest, We Can Do the Rest. See How It Works.
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Top-Down Property Identification Process

Every property on our platform goes through our extensive Top Down property identification process which use data analytics and local real estate experts.

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    Identify Markets

    Using a wealth of data resources, our Data Science team has created predictive models and algorithms to identify strong investment markets today and in the future. They analyze over 50 data points on every U.S. market like job growth, multi-industry driven economy, and favorable rent-to-home value ratios.

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    Identify Neighborhoods

    Next, we look for neighborhoods that offer favorable conditions that are attractive to potential renters. These factors include: median income level that is 3x rent, high occupancy rates, proximity to jobs, and quality schools.

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    Identify Solid Investment Properties

    Lastly, within the neighborhoods we’ve identified we look for investment properties that have the potential to provide a solid return on investment. Some of the factors that lead to an ideal rental property are right price, highly rentable, structurally sound, strong projected returns.


Build You a Custom Portfolio

From all of these solid investment properties, our proprietary Asset Recommendation engine is able to curate a real estate investment portfolio that best matches your investment goals.

Quote Mark

HomeUnion® makes sure I only invest in the best properties. I love that I am working with a partner I can trust and who makes life easy for me.

Daniel Brown
Los Angeles

HomeUnion® was the answer to my problems. They gave me access to markets outside my own by providing professional insight into real estate investing in other markets and by supplying the management service I was unable to provide.

Sean Slattery
New York or At Sea

“I immediately liked HomeUnion®’s approach of making real estate investing as easy as buying stocks. And partnering with HomeUnion® has allowed me to add real estate to my portfolio through a simple purchasing and investment process.

Yang Guo
San Francisco

Need help investing?

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