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Real Estate Investment in Illinois

Why Invest in Illinois?

Illinois is a very geographically diverse state that includes agricultural regions, big cities, industrial cities, and natural resources that span from coal to lumber. Illinois is known for Wrigley Field, a stunning Chicago skyline, the Lincoln Presidential Library, and real estate investment opportunities.

Over 30 Fortune 500 companies call Illinois home including Boeing, Walgreens, State Farm Insurance, Caterpillar, Allstate, McDonald’s, and Kraft Foods. Additionally, a wide variety of industries fuel the overall economy of the state including finance, livestock, manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, and biofuels.

Although real estate investment opportunities are present throughout the state, some of the best opportunities are found in major markets such as Chicago, Rockford, Aurora, and Joliet. Real estate investors are seeking Illinois because of its diverse economy, which in turn makes this state an attractive place for workers to live. In fact, in terms of population size, Illinois is ranked 5th in the nation.


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