Owning an investment property in the United States isn’t something that is limited solely to U.S. residents; many international investors are purchasing single family rentals here too. In fact, an estimated $104 billion was spent on purchasing U.S. property by international buyers last year (The National Association of Realtors).


Benefits of U.S. Real Estate


High Rents

The United States has higher per-capita income and cost of living than most countries, which may translate handsomely to higher yields for you.

Strong Dollar

With the strength of the United States Dollar, rents remitted back to your country may gain value on account of the exchange rate.

Reasonably Low Home Prices

Investments, depending on location, are relatively reasonable in the United States compared to other countries.

Safe Ownership

With stringent United States property laws and by owning the title of the land, your asset is more protected than in most countries.

Tax Benefits

There are many tax deductions that can be used by international investors to maximize profits. Consult with your tax professional.

Generate Cash Flow

By investing in real estate, you generate cash flow monthly that you can use to fund college, retirement, reinvest, and more.

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Ready to invest?

Overcome the Challenges

How do I find a U.S. investment property?

HomeUnion® helps you select the right properties.

Using sophisticated data aggregation and analytics, we identify top markets and neighborhoods in the United States for you to invest in based on your financial goals. We then provide you with a custom portfolio of solid investment opportunities in the United States, so you never have to waste your time trying to search for properties on your own.

How do I acquire a U.S. property?

Partner with HomeUnion®, and we help you acquire the properties.

You never need to board an airplane. We handle the whole acquisition process by reviewing your funding options, taking care of inspections and appraisals, and then conducting an evaluation by our local real estate professional. Once that is complete, we develop an intelligent bid to make an offer on your behalf.

How do I manage remote properties?

No need to worry about management, we take care of it all.

We help you manage the property hassle-free by taking care of rehab, marketing, tenant screening, 24/7 repair and maintenance, leases, expirations, renewals, rent collection, and ROI tracking. Even though you’re far away, you can trust our professionals who have your best interest in mind to handle your property.

How do I sell the property when the time's right?

When the time comes to sell your property, we help with a fast disposition.

You can relax, as we handle the full disposition of your property when it’s time. This includes marketing your property on our platform to gain you fair market value and access to thousands of potential buyers, assisting in finding you qualified investors, and taking care of the whole transaction from paperwork to closing.

Need help investing?

We have certified and experienced real estate investment professionals standing by to answer any questions you may have and help you with your next steps.