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The single-family rental market in Indianapolis will remain stable again this year, as the local economy continues to grow on par with the national rate. There's been an increase in single family permits and rents, with a corresponding drop in vacancies and with the addition of many metro area jobs (across multiple sectors), renter demand will continue to hold steady. Adding to the pool of renters is the fact that many will continue to re-locate to the Midwest city, attracted to its high quality of life and simpler lifestyle.

The region is very favorable to new businesses, which means sustained business growth and expansion. In fact, Indianapolis expansion and attraction projects announced last year will add nearly 11,000 jobs and over $1.6 billion in capital investment to the region (, with the grocer Kroger creating over 3,000 new positions alone in two years.

  • CNBC ranked Indiana #1 in lowest cost of doing business in the U.S. last year (
  • 33.5% of population are renters
  • 1/5 of households have a median income of $100,000 or more
  • Indianapolis economy has outpaced national growth averages by 0.5 basis points

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