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Why Invest in San Antonio Real Estate

San Antonio may have a relaxed atmosphere, but there's plenty of business to be done here, specifically as it relates to real estate investments. Among the many factors underscoring this Lonestar city's attractiveness to investors are its wealth of baby boomers and active adult retirement housing available for purchase. The low cost of living here (compared to similarly sized urban areas in the U.S.) combined with a strong economy and multitude of senior services makes San Antonio an attractive place to retire. So when you invest in San Antonio, you are likely to find a steady population of retiree renters at your disposal.

Healthy job growth is forecast to stretch tenant demand even higher in San Antonio - all the more reason to buy now. While the energy industry took a hit in the past due to low prices and an appreciating U.S. dollar, San Antonio's economy is now diversified across several sectors and has churned out strong job growth, with further payroll additions expected throughout the year.

  • One of America's 20 Fastest-Growing Cities (Forbes)
  • Nation's second fastest growing major city (U.S. Census Bureau)
  • Home to 5 Fortune 500 companies: Valero Energy, Tesoro Petroleum Corp, USAA, NuStar Energy and CC Media Holdings (CNN)
  • #3 on Forbes' Where to Invest in Housing in 2016 (Forbes)

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