11027 Wood Shadows Dr, Houston, Texas 77013

Not Available for Investment on HomeUnion

While this property is not available for investment through HomeUnion, the investment information provided below has been compiled to present a financial analysis of the neighborhood and property.

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Investment Information

This 3 bedroom / 2 bath 1,756 sqft investment property in Houston, Texas 77013 has a potential investment return of 8.17%.

  1. Estimated Market Value: $100,646
  2. Neighborhood Name: Wood Shadows
  3. Investment Score: 8.17% Estimated Return

Property Features

  1. 3 bedrooms
  2. 2 bathrooms
  3. Lot Size : 0.1653 acres
  4. Air Conditioning : CENTRAL
  5. Fireplace : TYPE UNKNOWN
  6. Garage : CARPORT
  7. Heating : CENTRAL
  8. Heating Fuel : GAS

Sales History

Not Available.

Neighborhood Information

Neighborhood : Wood Shadows

Distribution of Rents in Neighborhood

Median Rent: ---


Household Rent Affordability


Household Income Range

Minimum Income Range: ---


Commute Time Distribution


Sales History

Rental Trends


Home Owners

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Worker Types

White Collar
Blue Collar



- Schools found nearby:
School Name Education Level School Type No of Students No of Teachers Great School Rank
M: Medium P: Primary H: High Secondary L: Low R: Residential

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