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Why Invest in Austin Real Estate

A robust economy, favorable business conditions, and a large pool of working millennials are among the factors which distinguish the city of Austin - and Silicon Valley has taken notice. In fact, several major Silicon Valley firms continue to maintain a significant presence in this Texas market. This, combined with the fact that local apartment development is set to explode, makes Austin a logical choice for investors.

Yearly employment growth in Austin has hovered at 4% in the metro area for 45 consecutive months, one of the longest stretches among comparable cities and many of Austin's jobs are well-paying tech positions, attracting millennials and making it a city of the future. As a large segment of the millennial population prefers to rent - and delay homeownership for an extended period of time - this represents another favorable condition for investors.

  • Austin's unemployment rate of 2.9% in April 2016 was the lowest among large metropolitan areas
  • A strong job market and low cost of living resulted in 16.6% population growth between 2010 and 2015
  • Apple, IBM, and Dell employ thousands of Austin residents
  • The city is also home to Google, Facebook, Intel, and Samsung

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