HomeUnion® Investment Science Overview

At HomeUnion® our goal is to help you invest in quality single family rental homes, situated in the right neighborhoods so you can meet your investment goals. The three most important factors of real estate still ring true which are, "Location! Location! Location!" Using hyperlocal features, our team of data scientists has researched neighborhoods across the United States to provide you with the best investment properties, allowing you to invest based on your risk tolerance.

We use "big data" to identify real estate investment opportunities that previously were only available to institutional investors. Our data tool sets and analytics provide this access to our investors which allows them to take advantage of these real estate opportunities before they get crowded and the prices are driven up.

With its wealth of data resources, HomeUnion®'s Data Science team has created sophisticated predictive models and algorithms to not only identify where strong investment opportunities are today but also where they are likely to occur in the future.


Our big data methodology is based upon 5 steps:

  • 1


    We gather housing demographic, economic, social, and other hyperlocal data to build a complete data set accurately reflecting the investment potential of geographic markets.
  • 2


    Data is transformed and normalized. We identify any missing values and fill them in.
  • 3

    Identify Features

    Proprietary features reflecting market conditions are created.
  • 4

    Model Selection and Trend Analysis

    Using statistical and machine learning, we’ve created a wide variety of predictive models and algorithms including generalized linear/mix models, neural networks, decision trees, kernel estimation, time series, etc. Those models are assessed against our real-estate expertise.
  • 5

    Testing and Validation

    We test the accuracy and validity of our models by applying the algorithms to historical data.