Columbia, S.C. Showing Impressive Economic Growth

Is This the Right Time to Invest in South Carolina’s Capital?

Columbia_South_CarolinaColumbia, the capital of South Carolina, is showing impressive economic growth fueled by the local economy. With strong support found in jobs in both the public and private sectors, Columbia will continue to be a bright spot on the map.

One of the leading factors bolstering South Carolina’s capital is its strong military presence. Fort Jackson is where half of all new Army recruits will call home during basic training. In addition to the 10,000 soldiers who live on base, there are also 50,000 retirees who use the base for services, and the base employs about 3,500 civilians.

In terms of investment opportunities, Columbia presents some strong buying signals. Single Family Rental Homes present an incredible value with affordable entry prices. Rents are increasing in the area, meaning that an your potential yield is high. With continued expansion in the region with more jobs, industry, and land development, this is a great time to invest in Columbia, South Carolina.

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