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Job Growth in Ohio’s State Capital 
Driving Demand for Rental Housing

Job growth in the Columbus metro continues to fuel renter demand as newly employed residents seek housing. In the 12-month period ending in the second quarter, the market added 16,300 positions. Most of the gains were in the education and health services sector, which expanded by 10,800 spots. These typically well-paying jobs are supporting higher rents across the market. Higher home prices are also preventing many residents from making a transition into ownership. Since falling to a low in the first quarter of 2010, the price of an owner-occupied home has soared by 45 percent to $175,300, keeping the rental pool stable. The impact of higher prices and rents has pushed demand into low-priced rentals. The Southeast submarket has the lowest rental rates and vacancy in the metro, despite reporting the largest gain in rents […]


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