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Major Manufacturers Poised to Boost Payrolls in Coming Months, Generating Renter Demand

Huntsville has secured two major manufacturing plants recently, which will support thousands of new jobs in the coming years. Polaris announced plans to build a 600,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Limestone County. The $142 million plant will produce off-road vehicles, employ approximately 2,000 workers, and open in the second quarter of next year. Remington, meanwhile, is expected to create 2,000 jobs in Huntsville over the next 10 years as the company ramps up production. The generation of these well-paying jobs will be a boon for the local economy, which has struggled to gain significant traction since the recession. Many of these new workers will move into rental housing as laborers migrate to the area in search of work. Furthermore, the addition of these core jobs will create demand for support positions at restaurants and other service providers. While rental demand is rising, new housing supply is relatively light. Single-family permitting activity remains low, which will funnel residents into existing rental homes[…]


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